American Society
Credit and Collection Professionals

1. Request or download an Application for Council Record.

2. Submit application and fee to CSB.

3. CSB responds with instructions and forms for your use in verifying education and training. (CSB contacts the jurisdiction[s] where you are registered for your status and examination grades.)

4. You complete your portion of the forms and forward them to your verification sources (employers, schools, etc.) who will return them directly to CSB.

5. When all requested information has been received, your qualifications will be evaluated. If eligible, you will be notified and asked to update your experience record and pay the certification fee.

6. You will be issued your Certificate when CSB receives your payment and employment update.

View the Certification Process Timeline for more information on the certification process and the length of time it will take to process your application. The time it takes to complete the process is directly related to the level of response from your verification resources. You may need to encourage them to act promptly.

In order to be eligible for certification business credit and collection professionals must evidence satisfactory to the Council that they:

1. Comply with the standards for education, training, examination, and character set forth in the ASCCP Code of Professional Conduct.

2. Are registered with a member board at the time of application and issuance of council certification and hold the registration in good standing.

Revoking Certification
The Council may find a business credit and collection professional no longer eligible for certification if any of the grounds for revocation - outlined below - are found to exist or if, through references or otherwise, there is evidence of incompetence, dishonesty, or fraud that is not adequately refuted. The Council will revoke certification if:

-A member board has revoked or suspended for a period of 12 months or more the credit and collection registration for a cause other than non-payment of renewal fees or failure to file information with the member board; or
-Facts are subsequently revealed that show that the credit and or collection practitioner was actually ineligible at the time of certification.

In addition, the Council may revoke a business credit and or collection practitioners certification if:

-A member board or a court makes a finding, not reversed on appeal, that the credit and collection practitioner has, in the conduct of his /her duties and responsibilities, violated the law or has engaged in conduct involving wanton disregard for the rights of others; or

-The credit and or collection practitioner has surrendered or allowed to lapse his/her registration in connection with disciplinary action pending or threatened; or

-A member board has denied the credit and or collection practitioner registration for a cause other than the failure to comply with the educational, training, age, residency, or other technical qualifications for registration, or

-The credit and or collection practitioner has willfully misstated a material fact in a formal submission to the Council.

The Council may reinstate a previously revoked certification, if the cause of the revocation has been removed, corrected, or otherwise remedied. An applicant for reinstatement must meet the eligibility standards for certification in effect at the time of reinstatement.


Steps To Certification

Standards of Eligibility

U.S. Requirements

  BECCP Overview (Plan A)

  IDP Overview (Plan B)

  Training Requirements

  Employment Verification Form

  Training Unit Report Form

  Instruction Checklists

  Council Record Overview

  Council Record & Certificate Application

  Recertification Dossier

  Recertification Extension