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Why should business credit and collection professionals apply for Credentialing Standards Board (CSB) accreditation as soon as the opportunity is available? By having accreditation in place, Certificate holders can more easily respond to business and employment opportunities available. Certified professionals always earn more and are better positioned for advancement.

Here are the usual steps leading to CSB certification:

One way the American Society of Credit and Collection Professionals (ASCCP) serves the credit and collection profession is through the administration of an accreditation program through the CSB. The first step toward CSB accreditation is to complete an application for a Council Record. The CSB verifies and maintains a record of an applicant's education, training, examination, registration, and character. When his or her Council Record has been completed, the CSB will examine the applicant's qualifications and determine the applicant's eligibility for certification. If CSB requirements are met, an eligibility certificate will be issued.

As long as an eligibility certificate is active, the local jurisdiction office will, upon application by the eligible certificate holder, transmit a copy of the individual's Certificate Record to the CSB. The Certificate Record is the individual's Council Record together with the local jurisdictions certification that the individual has complied with the Council's standards of eligibility for certification and the a recommendation that the individual be registered as a Certified Credit Professional (CCP), Certified Professional Collector (CPC).

With this certification, registration may be obtained from CSB without further examination and without the certificate holder being required to make a personal appearance. CSB may require that the certificate holder's qualifications be supplemented by a personal interview and/or by additional examination.

The one time fee for compiling a Council Record is $125 payable upon submission of your application.

The fee for processing an Application for a Certificate is $175 payable upon Certification. (This fee is in addition to the one time $125 Council Record compilation fee).

CCP's and CPC's must apply for recertification every three (3) years. The Recertification Dossier describes those requirements.


Steps To Certification

Standards of Eligibility

U.S. Requirements

  BECCP Overview (Plan A)

  IDP Overview (Plan B)

  Training Requirements

  Employment Verification Form

  Training Unit Report Form

  Instruction Checklists

  Council Record Overview

  Council Record & Certificate Application

  Recertification Dossier

  Recertification Extension

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