American Society
Credit and Collection Professionals

CSB's " Application for Council Record / Certificate" is used by all applicants for a Council Record whether they are applying to obtain CSB certification or to participate in the Intern Development Program (IDP). If you have previously established a CSB Council Record, please contact CSB at 262.827.2880 to obtain a Supplemental Application form.

Fill out the form accurately, neatly, and completely.

Type or neatly print using black ink so that clear electronic images and reproductions can be made. Use "N/A" for those sections that do not apply in your situation, and attach additional sheets when necessary to explain complex or unusual situations. (DO NOT attach a resumè in lieu of completing the form.) Return the original to the CSB. Retain a copy for your file.

If your application is accepted after preliminary review, the CSB office will advise you of your CSB File number. Use the CSB File number on all subsequent correspondence with the CSB before and after certification.

A letter of acknowledgement with forms for verification of education and employment will be sent if applying under the IDP program. The information on the application for which verification is requested is usually sufficient for establishing a Council Record; however, the CSB may ask you to furnish additional documentation.

A. Registration History
Indicate registration status in any or other credentialing or accreditation programs you are currently in or have previously registered with. (All or previous professions).

B. Examination History
Indicate the examination(s) you have completed and give the dates and locations for which you took the exam(s). CSB will verify examinations passed. (All professions).

C. Education History
List the colleges and universities that you have attended. Designate those where you received a degree. Applicants who have had no college education should list the date of graduation from high school (or high school equivalent) and the name of the school. An applicant who did not receive or complete a degree program from a college or university should show major field(s) of study and the number of credit hours (semester or quarter) earned. If your professional education was acquired in a foreign country, the CSB Council may require that your education be evaluated. CSB will advise you if this evaluation is required and provide you with instructions after receiving your application. Credit cannot be granted for education that is not verified by an official transcript. Prior filing of such documents with a registration board does not preclude the furnishings of copies to CSB. If you attended schools in the United States, we will ask you to have your official transcripts sent to the CSB office directly from the school. After we receive your application, we will send the necessary official authorization and inquiry forms to you. Do not ask the schools to send transcripts to the CSB until after you have been issued a CSB File number. The education inquiry form includes provisions for you to furnish the school with a transcript fee, if required.

D. Experience History
Whether applying under the BECCP or IDP Plans, an applicants' Experience Employment Training History is required. You must provide complete information on your entire employment experience. Accuracy of the dates (month, day, year) and the types of employment are very important. Include employment with organizations where such employment may not have been directly related to business credit and collection work so that no gaps appear in the chronological listing. Note periods of self-employment and unemployment where they occur, rather than leaving a period of time without explanation. Differentiate carefully between periods of part-time and full-time employment and show the hours per week worked in the part-time employment. Indicate the appropriate employment status and the type of product and services rendered by each employer. List complete current addresses for all employers. If a firm has dissolved, list the previous name and address and list a current address of your former supervisor if available. If a firm is now operating under a different name, list the name and address at the time that you worked there. If a former employer is deceased, list the former address. For experience with firms indicated as "other", include a brief description of the nature of the work performed. If part of your chronological experience record includes time spent in the military service, please furnish a legible copy of your "Report of Separation from the Armed Forces of the United States" (DD form 214). If more than eight employers are included, photocopy page Form 1-5 as needed.

E. F. & G. Special Items & Affidavit
Check the box acknowledging the statements contained in the affidavit.

Mail Application with fees to:

Business Credit Management Association
CSB Council Records
PO Box 510157
15755 W. Rogers Drive
New Berlin, WI 53151-0157


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