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Credit and Collection Professionals

You should start participation in the Intern Development Program (IDP) at the beginning of your first acceptable entry point. The entry point is determined by the level of education that has been achieved and/or experience gained that can count toward satisfying the CSB's Training Requirements.

For purposes of calculating years of education, 32 semester credit hours or 48-quarter credit hours shall equal one year in an academic program.

To participate in IDP, you must:
(1) establish a Council Record
(2) identify a supervisor
(3) select an IDP Counselor or Advisor
(4) develop a system for documenting your training activities

Identify a Supervisor

For interns to receive full IDP training unit credit, finance, credit and collection professionals who serve as supervisors should hold a registration as a CCP or CPC. Supervisors are expected to have a general understanding of the IDP objectives and training requirement, in order to provide broad training opportunities. Although supervisors are not responsible for documenting your activites, they must be familiar with documentation procedures. Your IDP supervisor verifies and certifies your Employment Verification / IDP Training Unit Report forms.

The supervisor is the individual within the firm or organization who supervises you on a daily basis, regularly assesses the quality of your work, and periodically certifies your documentation of training activity. You and your supervisor must both work in the same office in circumstances where personal contact is routine. The Supervisor is responsible for:

-providing reasonable opportunities for the intern to gain adequate experience in each IDP training area;

-meeting regularly with the intern to review progress and verify the intern's IDP training report;

-encouraging the intern to participate in seminars and utilize other supplementary education resources; and

-conferring, if needed, with the intern's mentor.

Supervisors are usually registered CCP's or CPC's; however, in certain cases you may be supervised by others experienced in the tasks you are performing (e.g., CFO's Controllers, Risk Managers, Cash Managers or Accounting Managers. The impact of such circumstances on satisfying the IDP training requirement can be found in the Training Settings section.

IDP Counselor or Advisor

You should choose an IDP Counselor or Advisor who demonstrates a long-term commitment to your professional growth.

You may select a counselor or advisor by:

-asking a personal acquaintance (e.g., faculty member, previous employer, Accredited Associate;

-asking your employer or fellow interns for recommendations;

-contacting the CSB for access to member volunteers to serve as mentors; or

-contacting your state or local IDP coordinator.

The IDP Counselor or Advisor is a registered CCP or CPC preferably outside your firm, with whom you meet periodically to review your training progress and discuss your career objectives. You may have your supervisor be your counselor or advisor. The counselor or advisor is responsible for:

-meeting once every 4 months with the intern to review training progress and to sign the intern's IDP training report;

-suggesting additional training and supplementary education activities;

-providing guidance to enhance the intern's professional growth; and

-conferring, if needed, with the intern's supervisor.

Criteria for selecting your supervisor and IDP Counselor or Advisor are reviewed in The IDP process: Getting Started section.

Establish a Record of IDP Activity

You should establish a verified record of IDP training as early as possible.
Continuous documentation;

-assures accurate verification;
-guides the supervisor providing training opportunities;
-identifies areas where supplementary education may enhance training;
-provides prospective employers with a verified record of experience; and
-saves considerable time when applying for examination. As noted in How IDP Works section, most registration boards require the Council Record to verify qualifications for examination and registration. In addition to facilitating registration, the Council Record serves as an application for certification.

A Council Record contains your academic transcript(s) and verification of previous and current employment, including verification of activity in the IDP training areas.

The procedure for establishing a Council Record is explained here. You should initiate a Council Record at least one year prior to your anticipated examination date. Delays in verifying education and training can result in delays and/or postponement of examination and registration.


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